Gia is a short-term rental brand & property management group turning vacant apartments and homes into modern and thoughtfully designed spaces with full kitchen, furnishings, amenities, toiletries, guest services, and in- unit washer & dryer.

We serve the needs of today’s modern business and leisure travelers and accommodate thousands of guests per month.

We bring value to our multi-family real estate partners by managing or master leasing up to 100% of units in key U.S. markets. As a result, we help maximize and stabilize rental income for existing and new developments.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, our operations span 260 bedrooms in the west, southwest, midwest and southeast.


Real estate is undergoing an unprecedented wave of technological transformation. Digital renter platforms and modern property management systems are removing the friction out of renting. What started with Airbnb and the sharing economy has now penetrated the real estate mainstream. The pace of change is accelerated by a decade of global economic stability and growth. At Gia, we believe that multi- family owners should innovate in how they maximize value for their residents and investors. Those that do will gain long-run competitive advantage as the industry and consumer habits shift. Gia is at the forefront of this transformation by bringing together senior management and investors with over fifty years of collective experience in real estate, tech, and hospitality.

Currently, we operate in the west, southwest, midwest and southeast accommodating thousands of guests every month

We screen all our guests, collect their and other traveling guests’ IDs, credit card information and verify the authenticity of those.


Our real estate owner, developer, and manager partners choose
to work with us for our flexibility and operational expertise. We are disciplined in our approach to growth and only deploy capital when the opportunity is right. We look for the right partners, the right markets, and the right guests, while leveraging our experience in tech and hospitality to create long-run value for our stakeholders.


Some of our partners prefer to optimize net operating income by master leasing their vacant units to us. We guarantee rental income for the duration and work with your building’s management team as would a typical tenant or traditional corporate client. Our average length of stay is 4.5 nights. We also work with building owners to adjust to the needs of their renter community. We only use established digital channels e.g. Airbnb, Expedia and to source our guests. Our team of professionals is responsible for all operations and guest relations including the check-in and check- out process, guest background checks, and housekeeping. We provide management with total visibility into who is staying. We also provide keys or access codes to units for regular servicing and maintenance. All you do is collect a check.

Each of our landlord or management company has and will have access to our guest screening portal so they in real time can see who is currently staying and who will be checking in.


Our team can manage your short-term rental operations in exchange for a percentage of net monthly income. Our negotiable management fee ensures optimal cash flow and peace of mind knowing that your properties are in professional hands. Leverage our platform and experience to build your brand and to optimize costs
and cash flow. Maximize revenue on multiple units in high-demand areas. Generate additional cashflow during lease-up on new projects. Test short-term rental demand in up-and-coming neighborhoods. Protect your investments from market swings and cyclical demand. Partner with us to modernize your real estate practice.

We use over 40 technologies to centralize and optimize our operations - including pricing-algorithms which allow us to maximize our rental income. On average, we perform 30-35% better than the market.