Best West Coast/CA Road-Trip Destinations

Getting there is half the fun, and that’s why road trips are the most-fun and most-versatile summer vacations you can take. Since you can stop when and where you want, your trip can be full of a bunch of mini […]

Aug 27, 2020
Best once super-popular food chains that are almost extinct in the U.S.

Restaurants come and go all the time, but we all have those special places that we just kind of assume will be around forever (like that mall kiosk that sold nothing but pager accessories). Unfortunately, the economic climate and Gwyneth […]

Aug 20, 2020
Best places to stop along Route 66

Hitting the road for a road trip? Here’s what we have to say about everyone’s favorite route… The famous Route 66, also known as the Main Street of America (and the leading purveyor of kicks), originally ran west from Chicago, […]

Aug 13, 2020
5 Things To Look For In Short-Term Home Rentals

Great reviews are always the best indicator that you’ll enjoy your stay in a rental. But what compels guests to take the time to write a positive review? One key factor is how much effort the host puts into making […]

Aug 06, 2020
Ready for the August heat?

There’s nothing like a cool cocktail on a hot summer day. Except for maybe two or three of ‘em. Summertime cocktails are a fun way to liven up a party and to show off your bartending skills. And if said […]

Jul 30, 2020
Best Hotels in the World with Unique Accommodations

Already wondering where to go once Covid is over? Have you ever dreamed of vacationing under the sea? How about in the treetops of a rain forest or perched in a cliffside cave? It turns out that hotels all over […]

Jul 24, 2020
Find Out About Everyone’s Favorite Bakeries in California

Bakeries are the ultimate destination for comfort food, artisan sandwiches and special-occasion treats (even if that special occasion is that you happen to find yourself in a bakery). California has some of the best bakeries in the world, and it’s […]

Jul 16, 2020
Best fireworks displays in the U.S.

And the rockets’ red glaaaaaaaaare, the bombs bursting in airrrrrrrr! There’s nothing more American than celebrating our independence with pyrotechnics. Fourth of July was just last week, so if you missed out this year’s festivities, check out some of our […]

Jul 09, 2020
Best Waterfall Hikes in Southern California

Hiking is fun all by itself. Especially during times like these. But when the trail is leading you to something awesome, it makes the journey that much better. Southern California has a bunch of natural waterfalls that are easily accessible […]

Mar 19, 2020
Top 3 Property Upgrades To Increase Rental Value

One of the best ways to attract new tenants is by investing in cosmetic improvements for your property. But what type of improvements have the most potential to increase rental value? Renters tend to place a premium on the kitchen […]

Mar 12, 2020